The 2012 Youth Football Season Conditioning Camp Starts in April 2012.
This is the 1st year of THE BRONX NITTANY LIONS YOUTH SPORTS  PROGRAM. We are a NYS non-profit corporation, registered with the NYS Charities Association. Our concept is to be a significant and influential part of the youth in the Bronx. Our organization is based on the belief that our kids' needs are the utmost importance and the entire organization is dedicated to meeting those needs. Our youth will be taught sports through the use of various educational tools using discipline as a motivational factor; which will play a major academic role in each child's life.
    Our objective is to be recognized as a leader in organized youth sports, promoting encouragement, support, education, social skills, physical health, life development, and guidance in the right direction using the appeal of football and other sports. Our organization emphasizes not just winning, but sportsmanship, building character, and having FUN while playing.
THE BRONX NITTANY LIONS stand on a strong foundation of faith, belief, and hard work. With those characteristics we have built a solid structure to give our youth an outstanding quality approach to sports development, build confidence, and life awareness. We
will use a one on one connection on a personal level to achieve success in our youth on and off the field and court.
    Our mission is to allow every child an opportunity to play regardless of their athletic skills. It is our policy NOT to cut players based on their performance, but to provide them with the required knowledge of a sport at their position, and let them grow at their own pace, just as long as they show commitment to improvement, initiative to learn and develop, work hard, and are devoted to their teammates.